Froggy Friends

Froggy Friends. Froggy Friends.

Two Froggy Friends lived in the Lilly pads, one was Little Jimmy and the other Big Max.They played in the swamp with snakes in the trees, the best of friends a tadpole team.
The jungle always smelled like mint with monkey vines and cheetah tracks,
their alligator neighbor gave friendly rides on her back.
Froggy Friends with Aligator
Daisy covered fairies so beautiful as they sing, left a trail of sparkles falling from their wings.
They didn’t play leap frog they played the Little Jimmy Jump,
you dance around a willow tree while drumming on a turtle rump.

Little Jimmy, Little Jimmy Jump. Little Jimmy, Little Jimmy Jump!

They ate grilled flies for dinner and they had moss soup. Little jimmy looked goofy and big max was cute.
Jimmy was stronger and faster then everyone. Max was slow as a snail and liked to stick out his tongue.
They found a sneaky Genie hiding in a hollow tree with aqua skin, bubble cheeks, curly hair and stinky.

Froggy Friends and Genie
He floated in the air and his voice buzzed like a bee. “You only have 3 wishes, so don’t be greedy.”
Jimmy said, “I want to be max ’cause he looks so good”. Max said, “I want to be Jimmy ’cause his moves are smooth.”

Froggy Friends Page 23
Little Jimmy, Little Jimmy Jump. Little Jimmy, Little Jimmy Jump!

Now Jimmy is beautiful but weaker then the rest and Max is fast and strong but did not look his best.
Jimmy raced Speedy Rabbit and for once he finally lost. Max was charming the lady bugs but they just flew right off.
They hoped back to their pond where Dragonflies would play, they didn’t seem to have much fun, nothing was the same.
Froggy Friends Page 16
So for their last wish they both said together, “I want to be myself again, my own life is better.”
Cause in the end we’re all the same whether green or yellow or blue. You gotta be yourself, act yourself and always speak the truth.
“For all of these qualities I had but never knew, until that magic Genie turned me into you.

Little Jimmy, Little Jimmy Jump. Little Jimmy, Little Jimmy Jump! Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump
Froggy Friends. Froggy Friends.

Froggy Friends written by Kevin Levy

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